Meet some of our clients and friends.


Before & After Fitness


This is Giovanni and I know there is no need for any comments, because the images speak a thousand words. We started the transformation programme in February 2016.

Today, four months later he weights 85 kg, which is 32 kg lighter than before. His overall body fat is now 17,7% from  34,9 %. I really truly am super proud of him, as I have rarely seen people with the amount of will power that he possess.


"Marietta I could not have done this without your help. You are my guiding spirit. Everyone is shocked with my progress and sometimes when I look at these pictures I cannot even believe it myself. Your attitude and positive influence through continuous support and proper training, changed everything for me. Thanks to you my whole life has changed. I have become more confident, happy, healthy and energetic."

Nicos Transformation


This is my friend Nicos. He was committed to losing weight and getting into shape and he followed my 12 weeks transformation programme.

"I have tried so many diets too many times in combination with vigorous exercise but failed each time! With the proper nutrition strategy, guidance and inspiration from my coach I have successfully transformed my body in only 12 weeks !I will let the images to tell you the story.The picture on the left was taken in March and the one on the right at the end of May. There is more to come !"

Paula Progress


She made it to Women’s Health magazine!

"When my eight-year-old son told me, out of the blue, 'Mummy you're fat, you need to go to the gym,' it stung. But I knew he was right. That was 2014 when, as a size-18 single mum, I’d spent years putting a City career and my family before my body. I’d fuel 12-hour days with pastries for breakfast, a lunchtime sandwich and a hefty takeaway for dinner - but had no energy to workout. The excess weight was giving me crippling back pain and had sapped my confidence. But when I was invited to a friend’s wedding the following autumn, I decided I wanted to wear a size 12 red dress I’d fitted into in my early twenties. That was my slim-down goal…

one year later and this is what happens when you have a fitness nutritionist in the family…"



"Marietta has reignited the love I used to have for exercise and I am amazed on how quickly I am seeing results. Thanks Marietta!!"

Shiv Fitness Transformation
Untitled collage.jpg


"When I first started going to Marietta’s classes, she was very popular and could see why… They were at 7am on cold winter days and still were extremely busy because she is an excellent coach. Shows great technique and motivation and corrects people's techniques. In our one to ones sessions, she is excellent at pushing me without me even realising that.

She gives me ideas on clean eating and thoughtful on the sessions. Her energy is contagious and I want to thank her for all the help she is giving me. Marietta has been brilliant in helping me with both training in particular with my arthritis and strengthening when I felt I would have to give up the gym. I now feel great about my body. I can wear any dress I want without worrying about my waistline. I feel healthier and happier than ever."


“ You cannot imagine how much I have changed since I’ve met you. I am not talking just about my physical appearance and shedding the extra weight but I have also changed my mindset, the way I see myself and deal with things and people around me.”

When someone looks at you in the eyes and tell you these words, there is no better reward or privilege. I truly felt humble when she said these words to me over a coffee chat.

I cannot stress enough how proud I am of her transformation, dedication and her will throughout this journey.

If you would be willing to put in half of the work that she did, you will succeed without any doubts.


“ Mari meets you where you are and she builds on that with you, for you. I am 51 and never felt stronger and better about myself than I do today. I have tried many fad diets in the past all with some drastic results but never lasted longer than a few months. That messed up my metabolism and left me dishearten.

With Mari I have leant what it takes to have a balanced life in terms of nutrition and training. I have learnt how to eat smart around my trainings and how to maintain long lasting results in a healthy way. She taught me that if you can’t keep with something, its not for you and that sustainability and consistency is key to any goal in life.”