Have you been thinking of a way to create lasting change in your life but don’t know where to start?

You've landed in the right place.

 Our method is a unique tailored exercise and nutrition plan which consists of detailed, daily meals and training programme.

Before we make any suggestions or changes to your current nutrition and exercise routine, we will sit together and discuss what are your current lifestyle habits, what you like and dislike. We use this information to prepare the best and most appropriate approach to achieve your goal.

The aim is to establish where we are now, before we can move forward. This will also help us to monitor and compare our future progress.

We start with one hour individualised assessment to establish your physical key metrics, current condition as well as your habits and mindset. We help you set your desired targets and get that mindset on the right track.

The nutritional meal plan will be combined with a training programme specifically designed for your goal and current lifestyle and will radically increase the effectiveness of your fitness training objectives.

This will ensure that you get the best fuel mix of nutrients, which will result in shredding body fat, increase your muscle mass and greater energy levels for your daily activities.

This plan will be tailored to help you to hit your target in a healthy way and ensure to benefit you with long lasting results.

That is why, along the journey we will help you understand the reasoning behind our strategy and the effect that food and exercise choices can have on your body and overall performance at work, home and at the gym.

We provide ongoing support, bi- weekly reassessment of the initial metrics and full body stretching and recovery sessions which we believe is key to achieving the best results possible.

At BODYSOME we believe that the key to a harmonious state of complete physical and mental wellbeing is when you can find the balance, that resides at the intersection of these three essential elements.



Fitness Transformation