Mindset Coaching



The make-or-break ingredient of weight management and physical transformation is the mindset of the individual at each stage of the journey.

None of the training techniques or nutritional hacks will work, if you simply don't comply with the prescription.

Common reasons are: letting go of your old self-image,  peer pressure, social life demands, resistance to discipline or routine, and sometimes simply put - losing sight of what you are trying to achieve. If we add the biochemical changes taking place in your body and brain while you loose fat and build muscle, we have our hands full.

Mindset coaching is highly recommended for you if you have a deadline oriented goal, or if you have tried all sorts of methods to manage your body form, but you feel you have failed in the past.

It is also for you if you notice repeating patterns that keep you from being where you want to be, not just with your health and fitness, but with your overall life goals.

Paula is a Member of the Association for Coaching in the UK, she is an Investement Banking Consultant and the Co-Founder of BODYSOME. That is all part time - the full time spot is allocated to being a mom and also a fan of truth.

Read more about Paula's experience with body transformation in Womens Health magazine here.

Email paula@bodysome.com to check availabilty before booking. Appointments usually available on:

Tuesdays - 6.30pm to 9pm - online

Saturdays - 10.00am to 2pm - online or in person.