BODYSOME means being Body Awesome.

In a world run by the mind, this is a space to give the Body the respect it deserves.

Bodysome Team

How? By Moving, Eating and Resting better, consistently.

BODYSOME was created as the intersection of these three fundamental daily life functions, so that people find it easier to keep the balance and to bring health and fitness into their daily routines.



Marietta Curteanu


Marieta is the practical side of BODYSOME.

She helps people get healthy and in shape, being a Fitness and Nutrition Coach. Passionate about food, she also writes recipe books and loves to try out delicious but healthy food combinations. 

Read more about her story:



Paula is the creative side of BODYSOME.

A career in the City, meant compromising on her everyday health choices. Managing deadlines and getting back in shape proved to be quite a challenge. She set off on a transformation journey and now sharing what she learned with the people.

Read about Paula's transformation in Women's Health magazine:

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