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Deadlifts or Squats?
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There is a lot of debate around which of the two lifts is the most effective exercise to measure raw strength and recruit more muscles in the body.


Both exercises are putting most of the load on your hip and thigh muscles, each in a different way.

The deadlift clearly recruits more overall muscles in your body, simply because your forearms and biceps are always engaged in the movement holding onto the bar. Especially if you are lifting heavier you will fire these up instantly. While you squat you don’t use your arms muscles, as the bar rests on your shoulders.

On the other hand, your calves are not stressed during the deadlift. That is only achieved by the squat because of the way the weight and pressure is spread through the foot during the movement.

Deadlifts are the best exercise for your main back chain muscles, i.e glutes and hamstrings. Your back muscles are also stressed while deadlifting. Those of you who are lifting heavy for a while, you probably have developed strong trapezius and rhomboids muscles.

Squats place a greater pressure on the front chain, specifically your quadriceps and for that reason it’s considered to be the best exercise for these muscles.

Same as the deadlifts, squats also work the hamstrings and glutes.  Reaching specific angles between the thighs and the ground will recruit these muscles in a different way.

Both of these two lifts place a great pressure on your spine and this is where the core muscles come to rescue. During the movement every abdominal/core muscle is recruited to create internal pressure and support the spine while performing these lifts.


Both deadlifts and squats are great exercises to perform. They both work your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps (i.e mainly your thigh and hip muscles) as well as your core/abdominal and arms. If there are minor differences, then they complement each other. 

If you’re lifting already, you probably won’t pick one over the other. We won't either. 

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The truth about weights

Weight training combined with cardiovascular exercise is the best foundation of health-based fitness.

Yes, a complete and balanced workout should combine both strength/weight training and cardio exercises.

Most people who are looking to lose weight, seem convinced that cardio is the only type of exercise they should perform. Women tend to stay away from weights because they “don’t want to get big” or “bulky”, or may I say “Hulky”?

The truth is that it takes a lot of effort, very strict eating habits and years of consistency to get very muscular. Especially for women, who have diminished chances to get there, simply because there is not enough testosterone in their body to make this happen.

Think of your muscle mass as your engine power. The more you have, the more calories/fuel you burn. For example, a Ferrari engine is powerful and burns plenty of fuel even when waiting at the traffic lights. That is how some people can afford to eat loads of food without storing it as adipose fat.

Therefore, if you are looking to get rid of extra weight, muscle mass is something you don’t want to lose. Excessive cardio may lead to muscle loss. It is best to keep it balanced.

As we grow older, we naturally lose muscle and this process can lead to low bone density which in turn may lead to osteoporosis and even injuries. Weight training improves both bone density and muscle mass, simply because of your body will adapt to support you performing this activity.

It is common for people with a low muscle mass to complain of joint problems, back problems and especially knees issues. That is because muscles keep the joints and tendons working properly. A weak knee for example, is in many cases the result of weak under exercised thigh muscles.

Sitting at the desk or in front of a screen most of the day, tend to weaken your back muscles and therefore you slouch. If you slouch your posture is not strong. This can lead to other physical imbalances. It can also affect your digestion and your breathing, because your chest muscles are tight and your diaphragm is compressed.


Weight training has many benefits.

Toned muscles,  assist you to maintain a postural strength over time. A good posture can tell a lot about a person’s confidence, health and lifestyle. 

Besides changing the way your body looks and improving your posture it will affect your mood and confidence in a positive way.

It's ideal that you include weight training in your routine. Ensure to perform the exercises in a safe and correct manner to avoid injuries. If you are not too confident get some expert help to get the basis right and then be free. It does not have to be heavy all at once, start easy and aim for progress.

Hope you've enjoyed this read.

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