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Zero calories - Why?


The other day I was wondering in my own head, like we all do sometimes (okay most of the time) why would anyone manufacture calorie free food or beverages? I mean honestly, what is the purpose?

Do you buy these products thinking that you keep your calories intake low and maybe lose some weight? I know it is with a good intention, but please have a read further, you may change your mind.

And to just to clarify, I am talking about low or zero calorie manufactured food, not low in calories natural foods.

The truth is that the market goes with the trend. And the trend is always adjusting to what people think and need. What do we need now?

The trend seems to be EAT MORE (ALL YOU CAN) get taxed less by that scale. Right?

When did we really come to want food with no nutrients. Why would you want something that does not provide any kind of nourishment to your cells?

Why do we “stuff” our bodies (or even lives if you think of it) with meaningless stuff?

The truth is, we can never hack into or trick our natural built in survival system. Even if we do, is temporary.


We cannot support our human needs and body functions if we don’t provide good quality nutrients to our cells. Again, yes we can fill our tummy with zero calories foods or drinks, but it will only satisfy it temporary. You need calories to function.

Eating more food in terms of quantity with less nutrients or calories attached to it, does not mean that we will be fuller for longer or that you will lose weight. These manufactured foods, will vanish quickly from your system and you will want more because your body is not satisfied with it.

People tend to run away from full fat natural products and opt for low fat or processed foods instead. Everyone is free to make different choices for different reasons. But..


When you eat food rich in natural nutrients, be it rich in calories too, there is no need to consume large amounts because your brain will send signals to the cells that enough is received. You will get a natural feeling of satiety. You will not feel hungry as often and you will not think about food all the time.

If you chose empty calories food, you will trick your brain for a bit and then you will crave more later. Simply because your body did not get what it naturally needs.

To sum it up, it is not about the quantity but the quality of food you consume.


YES its sounds tacky, but like they say LESS is MORE.

There is so much of natural good stuff that you can eat out there, why would you go for empty calories?

Of course, you can’t have all of it all the time just because is good for you. Just chose those foods that works best with you and go with that. When you feel you need a change, chose again.

You should think of your food as the best fuel you can offer your body to function at its best, according to your daily needs, routines and schedule. Why would you want to do otherwise?

Work with your body, not against it.

Help your body to function better, give it what it needs, always in good amounts, and get busy with doing other meaningful things that you are meant to do here.

Stay awesome!



Eating for fat loss

What kind of fitness or body composition goals do you have in mind for yourself?

Even if your goal is not focused solely on losing body fat, but instead to build muscle or get stronger, at some point you will still want to lean down and shed some body fat. That would most likely be around summer time, when you want to get your physique out in the sun.

If your goal is to lose a bigger proportion of body fat, this is definitely a good read for you.

The safest and most effective way to successfully reach your physical or fitness goals is to combine sound eating habits with regular activity and good rest. You will get there faster and at the same time feel great about it.



Weight loss requires a deficit of calories. This can be done by adjusting your food intake and expending more energy. Creating this deficit only from food, may occur in excessive muscle loss, which can leave you feeling weak and hungry.

A healthy way to create an overall energy deficit is to move more than you eat. This will naturally increase your metabolism. 


Starving yourself is not the way to go. In fact that does not help at all.

If you want to control your hunger eat more natural foods and reduce or avoid processed products.

Choose whole fresh foods rich in nutrients. Proteins from lean meats such as fresh fish, turkey and chicken.  Green leafy veggies and pulses high in fibres. Essential fats from avocado and nuts.

Processed foods are poor in nutrients. Limiting the amount of refined carbohydrates coming from chocolate, cakes, biscuits, white bread and pasta is useful to achieve fat loss.

Eat more protein with veggies and less starchy or processed carbohydrates. Protein will keep you fuller for longer and will assist muscle repair and maintenance. Veggies tend to fill you up faster due to the size they add to the meal and are low in calories.

Eat small amounts of good fats such as those from avocado and nuts, they tend to keep your satiety levels high. Reduce the amount of snacking in between meals.


If you have had a tough workout and you feel depleted of energy, this is a good time for you to have some carbs. They will replenish the muscle glycogen lost during exercise, promoting recovery. 

A general macronutrients split for fat loss is 45% PROTEIN, 25 % CARBS and 30% FATS


Regular activity combined with good nutrition is the way forward. Making informed small changes to your current diet is how you can begin. Understanding the quality of your food, their source and the effects it has on your body and performance, will lead you to a sustainable way of living.


Stay awesome!






Sugar Crave?

What do you do when it’s around 4 pm on a working day and you suddenly have a sugar crave?


1) Do you reach for that vending machine or 2) you opt for fruit instead?




Fruits are better than candy bars and will help you kill that sugar craving, guaranteed.

They contain fructose, i.e sugar from fruits. Fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals which you would not get from the candy bar.


At the same time, fruits are rich in fibre, which means they act as buffer to the effect of sugar to your blood stream. In turn that means that your blood sugar will not jump sky high as it would, if you were to eat a chocolate.


That means this type of sugar will keep your blood sugar and energy levels more stable than processed sugars from cookies, chocolates or other candy.




Yes fruits contain sugars too and if you are looking to lose weight, try to reduce or avoid especially in the second half of the day.


However they contain important vitamins and minerals as well as fibre, which are all great for you and aid to your proper functioning of your digestive system and energy levels.


Keep a piece of fruit in your bag. You never know when you may have an emergency.


That was my message for you today.


Thank you very much for visiting and hope to see you in those comments.

Stay Awesome!

4 Top Eat's Tips


take notes…

If you are looking for easy tips you can implement to improve your eating habits, here you have it.



There is no need to eat on the clock just because is mealtime. If you don’t feel hungry you should not eat. Simply because you probably don’t need it. If you are stressed or sad you probably need something else, definitely not food or alcohol. Get out go for a walk clear your head and take action.



Chose natural less processed foods rich in nutrients and calories. It is not the size but the quality of the food that matters. These are the best for you. The molecular structure in natural foods can be easily recognised and assimilated by the human body. In other words, your body loves good natural nutrients and knows exactly what to do with them. You will feel full and satisfied.



You know what happened with the forbidden fruit. If you do that, you will crave them. If the crave is not satisfied, it will amplify. Better a little at the time. No harm with that.



Enjoy your food and stop when you are full.  If you pay attention to the food, not to the phone, computer, emails or TV you will not miss it. You should not feel full but almost like you could have another bite. That is when you stop.


As always,  let me thank you and hope you enjoed this short read.

Stay Awesome!