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6 Reasons to be active


Some people do it for a reason, some people do it for fun.

Either way, there's no secret that if you want to lose weight, you need to start exercising.

Changing your eating habits alone, will not do it. There has to be some form of activity that is enjoyable by everyone. All you need to do is find out what that is.

I know a few special ones myself, and they simply find no joy in working out. I totally get that, but...

Being regularly active, goes hand in hand with nutrition when it comes to long lasting changes for a better health and life.

We're designed to move. We shouldn't do that just to lose weight, but to stay healthy, strong and happy.




1. Improves your memory, concentration and ability to learn faster. Fresh oxygen in the blood helps this process. More exercise, more clarity. 


2. Significantly reduces cortisol. Cortisol is a good hormone in reasonable amounts. Too much of it will make you crave sugars, carbs and comfort food. More exercise, less cortisol.


3. It makes your muscles more sensitive to insulin. Insulin is a hormone that clears out excessive blood sugar after you eat food. Less insulin means less fat around your belly.More exercise, less belly fat.


4. As you have already figured it out, exercise balances your hormonal profile, thus reducing any chances of dangerous illnesses. More exercise, less chance to diseases.


5. Interval training (that is when you go very fast and then slow, and repeat) increases your metabolism rate ,which means you will burn more calories after exercise, even at sleep. More exercise, less energy stored as fat.


6. Strength training stimulate your muscles to grow, which in turn means you will burn more calories. More exercise, more engine power, more fuel to burn.


What we eat has a huge impact on our body and emotional state. It creates chemical reactions and hormonal changes withing the cells of your body. I also believe that if you combine good food choices with regular exercise and quality rest is the only way to getting long lasting changes for a healthier and happier you.


Hope you have enjoyed this read.

Stay awesome!

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