Before and after

I was asked a few times, by both friends and people that don't know me that well, how I managed this in just over 1 year and a half. And I said I will think about it and write it down.

The bottom line is body transformations are about inner transformations. If you have made an internal agreement with yourself that you want to change for the better, and that's an honest decision, then the rest will come easy. Whatever showed up along the way, I kept an open mind.


By that, I mean that I had to change my mind. A lot.


I changed my mind about what comes first – not the job, the bills, the washing up, the kids- it was me. I must come first.


This is the same as, when you go on a plane and they go through the safety procedures,  and they say in case of emergency landing put the oxygen mask on you first, and then your child (or whoever is traveling with you and you are responsible for). Why is that?

Because if you die, they have no chance to live.

For all you givers out there - if you want to show love to anyone, start with yourself first.


I changed my mind about what eating food is – it’s not an act of boredom, a consolation prize, a nervous breakdown, escapism.


It’s also not something to forget about.


Food is fuel to your body. Do you forget to fill up your car? (or top up your oyster…Doesn’t it suck when that happens?!) You can’t run on empty, and you can’t put the wrong stuff in. You also can’t overfill the tank. I think you get it. Things will break down.

Hunger builds gradually. Like the fuel light in a car, it goes orange to warn you.

Cravings are sudden and sharp. Red line. They are not hunger. Cravings are impulses potentially trying to show you that you need some kind of food. Or something...Don’t ignore them, but don’t run to the corner shop and buy a bag of sweets either.

Listen to these, see if they repeatedly show up at certain times of the day, of the month, learn what they mean. Ask someone you trust. Then drink some water and wait for your meal time.


Eat at the right times, the right amounts and eat what works for you. If you don’t know what that is, find out.


I changed my mind about asking for help where I know I am limited – I didn’t know what to eat and I didn’t know how to train.


I asked my sister (fitness nutritionist) to make me a food plan and I asked my friend (personal trainer) to help me fit into this red dress.  It really is as simple as that. Then they said yes, and I ate what I was supposed to and I showed up at all my training sessions and worked as hard as I possibly could. Every single time. Many times, I would say to Joe I can only do one more rep.  He would say no, go for two. And then I would change my mind, override us both, and do three.

For each of us, changing our minds is a very personal affair. But there is something in common:

it takes one moment of clarity to look at yourself, see where you are, decide what to do about it and do it. If you’re not ready, look into that. What’s holding you back? You will find eventually, that nothing is.


If you are looking for some magical pill, it doesn’t exist. Or for something or someone to come along and read your mind, it’s not going to happen.

Then I lost some weight, I fit nicely into that red dress.

More importantly,  I could see that I can enjoy prepping my food and that I actually enjoy training hard. And that I wanted to take it to the next level.


And so I did. I went to a competition, just because I thought this body has been through a lot, it does pretty much everything I ask it to do. So why not take this hard worked body to the stage...


It was tough it hurt in all sorts of places, it took a lot of resources. And it was all worth it. Will I do it again? Any day.


I just need to make up my mind on what the next level is. Loading….




The red dress

The red dress

7 weeks in

7 weeks in