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Tips for a better sleep

FACT – the average duration of sleep has fallen from 8.5 hours to 6 hours from the 1960’s to present. But it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality nowadays.


How do we get the best of bedtime? These are my top 3 ‘pimp my bedtime’ tools.



1. Keep it cool 

A room temperature of around 19C is ideal for a good night’s sleep. The body cools down during the night to assist the main internal organs to go into ‘preservation’ mode. By lowering the room temperature, you just give your body a heads-up that you’re about to go into recovery.


2. Keep it fresh

Get as much oxygen as possible before switching off. Either in the room by opening the window, or outside of it by going for a walk or just sitting outside for a bit. As already hinted, the heart pumps less, the lungs contract sporadically. All the muscles elongate to relax and metabolise fat. So giving yourself more oxygen really allows the system to work as little as possible. Which is what we want.


3. Don’t sweat it

This is not about outside temperature but about the fact you may not be able to fall asleep. Just let it be. If you can’t sleep, listen to some relaxing music or an audiobook. Audiobooks always work for me, find out what works for you. They say people woke up speaking german after a few nights of Deutsche audio lessons.


Simple steps like these, when taken every day, will make the difference.



Good Night!