Easy Stir & Fry

They say that the feeling of abundance in life, does not come from what we own, but from things that we enjoy doing. True. A walk in the park, reading a good book or cooking a delicious meal can all bring some joy to your day.

Today I chose the last one. I always find joy in cooking.

This is so simple to do, it literally takes no time. I had some left over lean beef fillet in the fridge from a couple of days ago, and did not want to let it go wasted ( you can use fresh meat instead). I thought of a couple of fresh ingredients to add to it and that was it!

The veggies add volume and flavour to this meal and little calories but many nutrients.  On the other hand, you get the consistence from the meat. Very balanced and delicious.


1 fresh red pepper

1 fresh courgette

3 mushrooms

Some sesame seeds to sprinkle over

150 – 200 grams of leftover/or fresh meat – can be anything you prefer

2 teaspoons of coconut oil

For seasoning you can use all the spices you like. I like chilli and sea salt. 


Chop all the veggies. I like to cut the courgette in ribbons using the peeler, just like in the image below.

Heat the pan with the coconut oil.

Throw in the meat and cook it for a minute, mostly to reheat it as it is already cooked. If you're using fresh meat, it will take a few more minutes.

Remove the meat from the pan and set aside for a bit.

Add all the veggies and leave to soften for a minute or two.

Add the meat back and season and mix until it all marries nicely.

Taste it before you serve it to make sure your taste buds like it enough. Feel free to use your own seasoning potions.

Serve it in your favourite plate and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and more chilly.


IRON – vital for the production of haemoglobin and myoglobin in your blood.

VITAMIN B – a range of these vitamins are necessary for the functioning of your brain cells and nervous system, healthy skin, hair and nails.

VITAMIN C – this vitamin fights the free radicals (cancer cells), improve connective tissue, helps in healing wounds and strengthen your immune system. Helps to the absorption of the iron from foods.

As always, thank you so much for reading and hope you have enjoyed this blog. If you do, please share it with your friends if you think they may like it too.

Stay awesome!


Tips for a better sleep

FACT – the average duration of sleep has fallen from 8.5 hours to 6 hours from the 1960’s to present. But it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality nowadays.


How do we get the best of bedtime? These are my top 3 ‘pimp my bedtime’ tools.



1. Keep it cool 

A room temperature of around 19C is ideal for a good night’s sleep. The body cools down during the night to assist the main internal organs to go into ‘preservation’ mode. By lowering the room temperature, you just give your body a heads-up that you’re about to go into recovery.


2. Keep it fresh

Get as much oxygen as possible before switching off. Either in the room by opening the window, or outside of it by going for a walk or just sitting outside for a bit. As already hinted, the heart pumps less, the lungs contract sporadically. All the muscles elongate to relax and metabolise fat. So giving yourself more oxygen really allows the system to work as little as possible. Which is what we want.


3. Don’t sweat it

This is not about outside temperature but about the fact you may not be able to fall asleep. Just let it be. If you can’t sleep, listen to some relaxing music or an audiobook. Audiobooks always work for me, find out what works for you. They say people woke up speaking german after a few nights of Deutsche audio lessons.


Simple steps like these, when taken every day, will make the difference.



Good Night!

A small habit exercise

I love Mondays recently. I have changed my mind about Mondays. Clean slate paradise.


Changing your mind is a very personal affair. Changing your mind about your body is a long term effort that doesn’t happen overnight.


For practice, is best to start small, with things that are (apparently) not related.


Choose a small, annoying little habit you have. You know it’s not good for you but you can’t rid of it.


(Example – I keep receipts I don’t need in my wallet. When I need to pay by cash, I can’t see the cash; I need two hands to rummage through, I then drop whatever I hold in my other hand. This makes me avoid cash payments. I have no cash right now in my wallet. But I have receipts. Annoying)


Try this:


Step 1 – Pause – right before you start, take a time out. (It’s your life after all)


Step 2 – Look at the object of your affection (the receipt, a donut, etc.) and consider if you really need it. Need it, not want it.


Step 3 –  Decide– keep it or bin it.  99% of the times I don’t really need to keep a receipt or eat a donut. Everything is digital now. My bank statement loads automatically into the accountant’s software. And those office snacks leftovers can go in the bin. The receipt can go in the bin. You are not a bin.


Step 4 – Do it – whatever you have decided, do it. If you decide to keep it, remember why it was. And see if that changes next time. Chances are, it’s always the same reason. If you know why you’re doing it, you’re winning.


Step 5 – Don’t judge yourself – just notice the why’s. The less you resist it, the clearer it gets. And that’s what we want to do here – get really clear about it.


It turns out I still pick up receipts because a) littering guilt b) tax return accuracy c) personal information on receipts paranoia.  What can I do. If I really don’t need a receipt (and that’s most of the time) I will: a) ask the person who’s offering it to me to bin it instead  - planet saved b) file it on my paperwork day, Tuesday at 10 am – software glitches covered C) shred it, on Tuesday at 10am – no one can ever send me unwanted mail and identity fraud me.


If I have a receipt in my wallet on Tuesday afternoon, I have failed.

Chances are, I will need some time with this process.


In the meantime, I can and I will get some cash out.