Energy in and out

My guess is that this topic will be an interesting read for you. 

The other day I was talking to this lovely girl who wants to get in shape and lose a few pounds.

She was telling me, I don’t eat a lot but I must start to eat healthier. 


Does this phrase sounds familiar?

Just because a food is considered healthy or it is called super food it does not mean that we can eat more of it.

Healthy or not, food has the same currency for your body. It is all converted to energy. 

Yes the quality of food is very important and can affect your overall health. It can dictate how well your body will function. It can affect your mood, hormonal profile and even if you will burn fat or gain fat.

There should be a balance between the energy in and energy out. That means, how much you eat and how much you move.


As you imagine, energy in refers to the amount of food or drinks we consume and energy out is about how active we are.

In very simple words.

1. Eat more than you move and you will gain weight, that is positive balance.


2. Move more than you eat and you will lose weight, that is negative balance. ( hey, never said eat less okay?!)


3. Eat and burn it all and you will stay the same, maintenance, meaning  neutral balance.


That is why emotional or stress eating has a great influence in the relationship between energy in vs energy out.



When you eat food, your body convert it to energy. In simple words, it stores it in the muscles and liver cells to be used later for your activities.


These cells however, have a limited capacity to store fuel. So what happens if  there is more to process and that energy is not used?


 As you can imagine, your body takes this extra fuel to the cells with unlimited capacity and that is, the fat cells. These cells can grow incredibly big. I'm sure you get the picture.



Someone said to me the other day, so then I can create a negative energy balance just by controlling my food.

Yes, a great negative energy balance lead to sudden weight loss. But so, does getting thrown in a cave without adequate food for a week. That is what crash diets do.


Your aim is to work with your body and not against it. Your aim is to create long lasting sustainable results.


Eating and being active is the best combination and best way to stay healthy, happy and maintain a good balance between your energy in and energy out.


As always, thank you very much for reading. Hope you found it helpful.

Stay awesome!


Mari Curteanu