Eating for fat loss

What kind of fitness or body composition goals do you have in mind for yourself?

Even if your goal is not focused solely on losing body fat, but instead to build muscle or get stronger, at some point you will still want to lean down and shed some body fat. That would most likely be around summer time, when you want to get your physique out in the sun.

If your goal is to lose a bigger proportion of body fat, this is definitely a good read for you.

The safest and most effective way to successfully reach your physical or fitness goals is to combine sound eating habits with regular activity and good rest. You will get there faster and at the same time feel great about it.



Weight loss requires a deficit of calories. This can be done by adjusting your food intake and expending more energy. Creating this deficit only from food, may occur in excessive muscle loss, which can leave you feeling weak and hungry.

A healthy way to create an overall energy deficit is to move more than you eat. This will naturally increase your metabolism. 


Starving yourself is not the way to go. In fact that does not help at all.

If you want to control your hunger eat more natural foods and reduce or avoid processed products.

Choose whole fresh foods rich in nutrients. Proteins from lean meats such as fresh fish, turkey and chicken.  Green leafy veggies and pulses high in fibres. Essential fats from avocado and nuts.

Processed foods are poor in nutrients. Limiting the amount of refined carbohydrates coming from chocolate, cakes, biscuits, white bread and pasta is useful to achieve fat loss.

Eat more protein with veggies and less starchy or processed carbohydrates. Protein will keep you fuller for longer and will assist muscle repair and maintenance. Veggies tend to fill you up faster due to the size they add to the meal and are low in calories.

Eat small amounts of good fats such as those from avocado and nuts, they tend to keep your satiety levels high. Reduce the amount of snacking in between meals.


If you have had a tough workout and you feel depleted of energy, this is a good time for you to have some carbs. They will replenish the muscle glycogen lost during exercise, promoting recovery. 

A general macronutrients split for fat loss is 45% PROTEIN, 25 % CARBS and 30% FATS


Regular activity combined with good nutrition is the way forward. Making informed small changes to your current diet is how you can begin. Understanding the quality of your food, their source and the effects it has on your body and performance, will lead you to a sustainable way of living.


Stay awesome!