Cardio, HIIT and LISS

The hottest topic in the fitness industry and common question asked by most people is:

Which type of cardio will enhance fat loss? LISS ( low intensity steady state cardio ) or HIIT ( high intensity interval training ) ?

First things first. There are two types of physical training: aerobic and anaerobic and here are the differences.

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Training

Aerobic activity requires the presence of oxygen. Example of this type of activity can be: cardio machines, spinning, running, walking, aerobic classes, dancing, hiking, etc. It is the type of activity that primarily works type I muscle fibers (endurance muscles) or otherwise called slow twitch muscles.

These muscles are simply more efficient at generating oxygen for fuel and help muscle contractions for longer period of times, such as running a marathon. Cardio activities help to increase muscle endurance and generally helps the heart muscle to pump blood more efficiently. Aerobic activity is done at a pace you can sustain for an extended period.

Anaerobic activity is just the contrary of aerobic activity. Example of this type of activity can be: heavy weight lifting, intervals, sprints, jumping rope, explosive training, etc. Anaerobic training does not require the presence of oxygen. It works the type II muscle fibers (strength muscles) or otherwise called fast twitch muscles, which lead to greater size and strength of muscles.

These muscles can produce short bursts of power without the presence of oxygen because they use the energy available at the time to produce force. Therefore, they fatigue quickly. Sprinting until you have nothing left in the tank, or resistance training with heavy weights is anaerobic. This kind of activity cannot be extended for time periods like you can with aerobic exercise.


LISS – low intensity steady state cardio is aerobic, HIIT – high intensity interval training, is anaerobic.

There are benefits in favor of both type of activities when it comes to fat burning. HIIT tends to keep the body an increased metabolic rate even after the exercise and is time efficient. However, if you are a beginner when it comes to training, this may not be the best option for you. LISS may burn less fat than HIIT, however does the job and has other benefits when it comes to your cardiovascular system and a healthy strong heart.

It is always best to incorporate a mix of both and keep your activities as fun and as varied as possible. Always great to try new things and stay out of your comfort zone.


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