Belly issues?


Most people believe that belly fat is developed around the lower part of trunk because of lack of exercise of that area.

This is clearly a misconception, especially when you see people that can match this description struggling with those crunches in the gym. I see this all the time.

The truth is that overall excess body fat and belly fat is an adaptation of your body trying to adjust with eating more food than you need. This process does not happen overnight. It takes some time and consistency to get there.

When you eat food, your body collects the energy from the food into the liver and in the muscles. The cells of these tissues have a limited amount to store energy. Therefore any excess goes to the adipose tissue (the fat cells under the skin tissue).

It is amazing how nature has created us. We do have a storage facility too. The fat cells have unlimited capacity and can grow incredibly big. Therefore no matter how much we eat, we can store it on us.

To make it very clear, you can do as many as 1000 crunches every day, your abs will not even blink, unless your body fat goes down. The thinner the fat layer under the skin, the more chances you have to a flat tummy.


How do you get that layer to shrink?

Again. Consistency is key. All that extra ”energy” stored under the skin needs to be used through physical activities. You can also starve yourself if you want to, but that is not going to last too long and you will get it all back plus more. Guaranteed.

Physical activity is the only way to keep that away. Keep showing up every day and the results are just a matter of time.

Be active. Eat only when you are hungry. Be consistent. The idea is to create a deficit in your energy intake at the end of the day. So if you eat well, make sure you go and use that energy to sculpt your body.

Another point to clarify. The type of exercise itself does not determine from which area body fat will be used. In other words, the body does not pick and choose from which part of the body to use the fat. Instead, the overall fat is converted to energy.

Proper recovery and sleep is key when you are looking to lose weight, as some fat burning hormones are released during sleep. Really important. Yes fat loss also occurs during sleep.


To keep it simple and sum it up, the body is designed to adapt to whatever you consistently do. If you are an athlete, say a speed skater for example, your body will adapt to your activity so that you can perform it better.

If you don’t have an active lifestyle and you enjoy your extra food and drinks, your body will store everything for you under the skin.

Either way, this is called adaptation. Your body adapts. You can dictate how these adaptations should take effect for you.

Thank you for stopping by.

Stay awesome!


Mari Curteanu