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Years back walking 10k steps a day, used to be just the means to get from a place to another. Nowadays this is considered exercise.


Do you use technology to measure your daily steps or calories burned during the day?





There are many great products of this kind in the industry and if used wisely and with a good understanding, they can be great tools.


For instance people suffering from hypertension, should always wear a heart monitor during their workouts.


Using technology during your training, provided that yourself or your coach can understand how to put it to good use, can help you achieve great results, especially if you are training for athletic performance.


Even though I do belive that fitness technology is a great tool to improve fitness levels through targeted training using key metrics and benchmarks, it has a few limitations.




Firstly, let me express my strong belivef that there is no such equipment that can measure details of the human body,  better than the body itself.


Why? Because it is an external system.


You can feel when you are out of your comfort zone. You know your heart is probably pumping blood at 170 (bpm) beats per minutes, without needing to look at your wrist watch (which by the way may show only 90 bpm). If you have one, you know what I am talking about.


When your body needs to eat you feel hungry and know it's time to eat. We should not ignore that.

Same goes when you are full. We should stop. But do we? Your body is the only that knows your exact calorie needs.


Secondly, whether it's calories counting or heart beats, most fitness technology has an error margin. They can be very close but never 100% accurate.


Some use estimated tables based on average numbers and generic information and some readouts that can even be off by 20% or more.


However that does not mean that technology is bad or sould not be used. Use your human judgement before you let it have the the final call.





Nowadays wearable technology is designed to keep us alert and notify us that we need to get up and start walking. I think that is a great thing to have, given our current lifestyles.


However, random thousands steps means nothing to your fitness levels. It will not change your body composition and will not improve your fitness level. You will not get stronger or improve just with that alone.


Walking will burn some energy, but it does not get you fit. If you want to improve your health, fitness level or body composition, you need to consistently implement exercise in your routine.


If you are training for performance, make sure you undertand how and when to use it. If you are uncertain, get a coach to help you understand how make the best of your workouts even when you train alone.


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