Resting On Purpose - The 3 Rs






Resting is so underrated. It must be the most ignored part of health and fitness.


There are many methods of Eating and Training with a Purpose. High Protein, Paleo, Carb cycling, HIIT, LISS, weight training….


But what about Resting on purpose?


We are action driven people. We want to work, achieve, exercise as much as we can, as hard as we can. By the time we consider resting, we are already run down and even sick. So no wonder there is no clear known method. We avoid to think of one.  We count hours of sleep and consider some relaxation techniques or go for a massage now and again. But have you ever considered what you really need, how much of it and when, in terms of Rest? (Just like with Nutrition and Training)


So is there a method to get better at Resting?


Well, I didn’t think that there was. I looked around. I couldn’t find one. So I created my own. Acronym and all (The 3Rs). Of course, retrospectively. I didn’t know I was doing it, until I did it.




So to best visualise this method of resting, think of car. Before you run out of fuel

(hopefully not after!) you head to the nearest petrol station.


  1. You STOP the engine.

  2. You then REFUEL (as you do).

  3. Lastly you SWITCH the engine back ON and off you go.


In human terms, this translates to the way of the 3Rs:






This is not a scientific study - which although would be relevant, and there is plenty of science behind it - that’s not the focus of this piece of writing.


This is just a tried and tested way, from my own personal experience and struggles with a full on schedule of a parent slash city worker slash start-up founder slash human who wants to keep in shape and relative good health.



  1. RECOVER - this is the stopping part. Stopping between exercises or simply getting some sleep.

  2. REFUEL - stands for Physical tools of refuelling and bringing you above 0. Such as getting a massage, dealing with the mindset and choosing a relaxation therapy. You do this mostly with external help, just like a fuel pump, providing the fuel.

  3. REENERGIZE - this can be an activity, not necessarily physical, that leaves you feeling like you have the Spark to fire up the fuel and get going. This can be anything from walking the dog to watching your favourite TV show.

I won’t go into detail of each on this occasion, will keep that for next time.

But for now just consider that if you want to really, really rest you need to find ways to do all of these 3Rs regularly enough to matter.


Just like eating well only sometimes, or training well now and again won't work, so it is with resting.


You need to rest like you mean it. Try and let me know if it works for you.


Next time we will go into optimal sleep, refuelling techniques and how to reenergize and spark it all up.

Paula Curteanu