5 Reasons Why Food Is Not Just Calories


Have you ever thought of what happens every time you take a bite of food? You don't feel hungry anymore, I agree.


But that’s not all. Food is really much more. Every time we eat, strands of information reach our molecules and cells, controlling all the functions in our body. We influence the way we feel, look and perform by choosing the food we eat.



  1. Food regulates every chemical reaction in your body and communicates with your cells.

  2. The type of foods you chose to eat will dictate weight gain or weight loss.

  3. Food supports your body to fight disease or allows it to dwell for longer.

  4. Food dictates the production of proteins in your body.

  5. Proteins are responsible for many critical functions in your body such as hormones and other chemical messengers, which control your metabolism, appetite and health.



There is a lot of mix-up when it comes to what’s good and not so good to eat. If you are confused, this is what you need to know.


Try to eat real food like fresh fish, non-processed dairy, fresh poultry, eggs, nuts, veggies, fruits and non-processed grains. Basically things that don’t have additives for shelf life and last no longer than a few days.


It is best to reduce the amount of processed foods and flavoured products such as bottled sauces, flavoured chips, and sugary drinks, packed juices, cookies and candy. But they taste so good right? I agree with that bit too.


The food industry is huge and most of the stuff you find on the shelves in your local store should not even be called foods. Most of these contain very addictive substances specifically made to make you crave more of it. So please don't blame yourself if you can't keep away from the junk food.


You can’t make the global change by yourself, but you can chose not to have these on your plate or the plate of your kids. Start that change at home.


Think about it like this. Your body will easily assimilate the proteins and fats from a fresh piece of fish, as it can recognise the natural molecule structure of that food and it will take it right where it is needed (remember we are all made of little blocks of molecules and strands of genes).


When you eat something that tastes like bacon and cheese but is just some lab produced substance sprinkled on your crisps, your body does not recognise the artificial structure. What happens then?  It will store it somewhere in the body as an unknown substance. That can be later released in the body as disease.




Our bodies are not designed to consume foods which are not natural. How can you explain that with so many low fat, and zero calories products, the obesity rate and diseases is still raising rapidly?


With so many health symptoms starting from mood swings, depression, cravings, obesity and diabetes for kids you can understand that our human nature is screaming, trying to tell us that it wants to go back to its basics and natural state of being.

The choice is yours.



Paula Curteanu