BODYSOME 24 is a unique, all-inclusive fitness programme.

24 group sessions of integrated Training, Nutrition and Recovery.

This programme combines essential elements and optimum strategies, specifically designed to get you lean, strong and healthy in just 12 weeks. 

How you Move, what you Eat and how you Recover come together as One, into a comprehensive solution for all your body goals.



First, we assess your current physical condition and help you set goals, in our 20 minute initial consultation. We use your body composition analysis information to find the best approaches for your Nutrition, Training and Recovery.

Then, you are ready to join the class. We keep the groups small and focused.

We provide continuous assistance and one-to-one support.


Fitness Training


We dedicate 20 out of the 24 classes to the training element. It comprises of a variety of classes, including functional training, high intensity intervals, strength and conditioning, all designed to shed fat and get you lean, strong and awesome in just 12 weeks.



We dedicate 4 out of the 24 classes to this element. We will take you through a journey of stretching techniques and postures focused on your breathing and mental attention, all designed to develop awareness, relaxation, flexibility and muscle recovery.



You will get continuous online access to our nutrition guidance. You can discover everything you need to know about how to choose the best nutrients for your body in order to achieve your desired goals. All without needing to count the calories!





55 Gracechurch St, London EC3V 0EE

Every Wednesdays + Fridays at 6.30 pm